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Instant Connect
Infinite Cohesion enables your organization to stay connected by sending emergency alerts, staff notifications, schedule changes and more - all with Instant Connect.

"The system is so user friendly and I absolutely love the report that automatically generates at the completion of dial-out and is emailed directly to me. The report clearly states exactly all information needed. No fussing with logging back into the system and trying to find the report you need. Just wish we would have had this ten years ago!! Thank you for bringing eSchoolView Instant Connect to TCTC!!-Your Biggest Fan" - Jodi Steinhauser, Secretary to Dean of Attendance Office, Trumbull Career and Technical Center, Ohio

  • What makes Instant Connect stand out?
  • Affordable for organizations
  • Offers the organization the ability to use it at any level
  • Includes instant alert for crisis situation from any smartphone 
  • Safety & security
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