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Content Management System
Our website Content Management System (CMS) is easy-to-use and offers maximum flexibility in building websites for businesses and organizations.

Endless opportunities for website customization
Infinite Cohesion’s extensive components provide businesses with the ability to custom build a website to fit an organization’s needs. The ability to publish blogs, podcasts, surveys, streaming video, and photo galleries foster an engaged community. The Infinite Cohesion Quick-Edit inline editing feature allows users to easily edit the contents of a webpage directly on the desktop site with the same login credentials as the CMS.

Responsive Design Mobile Suite
Our Mobile Suite fully integrates with our CMS, eliminating any need for double entry of data. As people rely more on mobile devices for news and communication, accessibility is critical. At infinite Cohesion, our responsive design Mobile Suite allows your website to render on any device regardless of screen size making your easy to access from anywhere.
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